Sukie and the Other Turkey

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Dear Family & Friends:

A friend told me this story about his grandmother, a Southern lady of refinement and gentility . . . .

One Thanksgiving Day, a large group of family members and friends gathered around my grandmother’s large dining room table, eagerly awaiting the sumptuous feast. All eyes were on “Sukie,” the housekeeper, as she ceremoniously carried a platter, from the dining room to the kitchen. On the platter was the main dish, a roasted, golden-brown turkey, redolent with fragrant herbs.

Our collective mouths were watering when disaster struck: Sukie dropped the platter and the fat bird thumped onto the hardwood floor, spilling some of the contents of its stuffed cavity.

 All eyes quickly turned to my grandmother. Her countenance remained serene. With a calm and soothing voice, she offered to Sukie words of assurance and confidence:

 “That’s all right, Sukie. Just take that turkey back into the kitchen and bring us the other turkey.”

Happy Thanksgiving!

Coram Deo,


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