Dear Family & Friends,

Dr. Croom’s office called this AM and said they had not yet received results of Friday’s MRI.  This AM, I had my routine annual check-up [Dee, Nurse] at the office of my Dr. Hogan, my Family Practitioner.  I made an appointment to consult with Dr. Hogan, whom I did not see today.  Dr. Crooms recommended that Stephen & I read the book, “The Breast Book,” by Dr. Susan Love; it has been extremely informative.  Phone calls, comments on this blog, emails, etc. are a huge comfort to me.   Swimming also has been therapeutic to me.  [During sleepless hours, I review words of ancient hymns and of Messiah by Handel.]

Coram Deo, 



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2 responses to “Appointments

  1. Debbie Evans

    Hi Margo and Steve,

    The website is great. I imagine this is much easier than trying to contact everyone by phone or email. You are in all our prayers here in Arizona and our kids are also praying. We love you so much !


  2. Kim Hughes

    Dear Margo,
    So much to say…
    God is faithful….
    His grace is enough…
    double mastectomy was my path….
    Would you like me to come to you and let you see my chest as it is? I’d be happy to show you to encourage your heart. I am ready to answer any and all questions and concerns and to pray with you. Let me know your phone number, if you’d like. The old one says it has been disconnected when I call it.
    Much love, Kim

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