Out Of Surgery

The Surgery went very well.  Her lymph nodes are clean, which means it has NOT SPREAD!  She went into OR at 9:30am and surgery was completed at 11:40am.  She is now in recovery room.  Dad and Aunt Amy will be able to see her very soon.  I will be blogging all week, so check back often.



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11 responses to “Out Of Surgery

  1. “Lymph nodes clear—Praise GOD” were the first words Margo said to Steve as he leaned over and kissed her the first time they saw each other after Margo’s surgery!

    Alleluia—Amen–definitely a big answer to their prayers–lymph nodes clear—-Margo is now free to begin her healing process and gloriously fully recover looking forward to the next time she may swim!

    Thank you for allowing Steve and I to join the family on the morning of her surgery—-Margo touches our life as she continue to amazes us and puts a huge smile on our faces—all in the awesomeness of her love for our precious FATHER!

    love and hugs,
    Steve and Margie Gibbons

    • Debbie Evans


      I’m Steve’s sister. It was great reading your comment on Margo and Steve’s first visit together after Margo’s surgery. Thanks for being there for Steve also. I live in Phoenix and wanted to come so bad but Steve said wait until we can get together at a more enjoyable time. It’s hard being so far away.
      I know Margo has a lot of healing to do but such a blessing the cancer is gone.

      Thanks again Debbie

  2. Yaaaaaaaaaayyyyyyyyy! What a fantastic answer to prayer. Great great great news!
    Thanks for the update!

  3. Lesley G

    PRAISE GOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Fr. John Wallace

    Amen. Thank you Jesus!

  5. Jackie McHaffie

    Praise God from whom all blessings flow…..music to our ears. Thank you Lord.

  6. Georgia

    Thanks and praise to the Lord for that wonderful news.

    May the Lord surround Margo with His Holy Presence, peace and mercy.

  7. Louisa Martin

    Dear Margo,
    We are praising God for His goodness and are so grateful for this answer to prayer!
    We will continue to pray for swift healing, minimal pain and patience with the process! May you know His presence every moment.

    In His grace,
    Louisa & Peter
    (Rom 5:1-5)

  8. Tracie Barnard

    His mercy endures forever–we are so thankful! And jumping up and down…

    Thanks, Garrett, for keeping up the blog–when you are far away, it means so much!

    Love you all,

  9. Praise God from whom all blessings flow…and leads us faithfully through trials and danger. “God is light and in Him there is no darkness.”
    Our love across the miles, Breck and Robbie

    PS: I’ll tell my small appliances how well you did, Margo, and maybe they will quit blowing up. 🙂

  10. Praise God! He is great! I am so glad that you have good news and you will stay in my prayers. You give many of us good support and may you continue to get it in return.

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