Back in the Water

The nurse gave me the OK to return to swimming and on this past Thursday evening [10 days post-surgery] Stephen sat by the side of the pool, as I took my first plunge.  It was glorious!  I let my legs do most of the work but I did gentle, warm-up motions with my arms.  It was a beautiful evening and I didn’t want to get out of the pool.  Stephen took photos.  We returned to the pool on Saturday & Sunday evening, with friends, Steve & Margie Gibbons, and all four of us enjoyed warm-up laps.  By Sunday, I was able to do the “freestyle” stroke, albeit not as powerful as before surgery, but that IS progress, right?  The Paynes and Gibbons are getting ready to go back to the pool this evening!  Well, perhaps you may remember the motto of the Paynes:  The Fun Never Ends  . . .

 Check back with this blog and I’ll include a report from visit with Dr. Mabry, Oncologist [07.22.09].  Hopefully, we will have an indication of future [if any] treatment.  I won’t consider myself as having “reached the other side” [of the pool, remember?] until I have learned about that.  So, please keep praying for me, until I reach that other side, OK?

And, for a special treat, this week, I’ll be adding a photo to this blog, introducing you to Benjamin Daniel Stewart, our first grandchild!  He has been a real bright spot in this rather uncertain six weeks of our lives but, then, so have all of YOU been a bright spot! 

Thanks again for your visits, emails, comments, phone calls, snail mail, greeting cards, letters, snacks, beverages, homemade bread, lunches, suppers, giant salads [thanks, Kris!], flowers, and gifts — but especially for your prayers!  I am blessed beyond measure because of your friendship!

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  1. Joyce Mcenill

    Margo, you are a blessing to so many. Please let us know if there is anything we can do for you,
    G0d’s Peace Always,

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