Tracing my Journey

Dear Family & Friends,

You are my “virtual” community of support, sustaining me with your thoughts and prayers.  I am thankful for each one of you who reads this blog, whether you leave a comment or not!  With every post, I imagine that you and I are having a “visit.” Some of you may prefer more personal details yet some of you may prefer brevity and stoicism.  I try to strike a balance.  Do you have questions or suggestions for me?  I will be glad to respond, if you leave a comment. By the way, I sometimes write more than one post on the same date, as I did on 09.02.09, and as I will today, so be sure to check below each new post, for the “bonus post!”

This past Thursday, I received a “real” visit from four friends in Tallahassee: [Kris, Kathy, Patty, and Vanessa.]  How well these friends know me!  You see, my “perfect vision,” especially in times of affliction, is the singing of ancient hymns, the reading of Psalms, and the reading of ancient prayers and [unbeknown to me] that is what my four friends planned for their gift of encouragement to me [also fresh flowers, herb tea, and notecards.]  Together, we sang a capella the hymns, Alleluia, Sing to Jesus and Praise, My Soul, the King of Heaven.  Next, I sat in a chair and my four friends gathered around and laid hands on me.  They read Psalm 139 and selections from Prayers for the Sick from The Book of Common Prayer, pages 458-461.  Short, personal prayers concluded our visit.  Their visit gave me strength to continue this journey.

Psalm 139 begins Domine, probasti:  Lord, you have searched me and known me; you know my sitting down and my rising up; you discern my thoughts from afar. You trace my journeys and my resting-places and are acquainted with all my ways.

An excellent reminder:  The God of Israel traces our journeys!  The God of Israel neither slumbers nor sleeps! [Psalm 121]. This knowedge of God’s omniscience and sovereignty gives me courage for the journey ahead.  Thank you for joining me, as I record this journey.

Domine, probasti.

Coram Deo,


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