The Heroes Among Us: Third in a Series

Dear Faithful Praying Family & Friends:

Please be sure to read the “bonus” blog entry below this one!

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William Ford Van Hoy [1889 to 1976]

 Listen to the words of my mother, Margaret Elizabeth Van Hoy Blair, summarizing the early life of her father, who was orphaned at age seven, when both his parents died of one of the “dread diseases” [either tuberculosis, pneumonia, or typhoid fever]: 

 “My father, William Ford Van Hoy, lived a ‘pillar to post’ life with grandparents, uncles, and aunts.  Finally, the most loving home was with “Uncle Mac” and “Aunt Sally” Martin, neither of whom was a blood relation to him.  It happened in this way:  William, age 10, went to the home of Uncle Mac and Aunt Sally and asked if he and his sister, Hattie, [five years younger than he] could live with them.  It brought tears to my eyes to learn of her answer:  ‘Bless your little heart, honey; you can be with us forever!’

 And, so, he and Hattie did live with them, until William decided to go to California, when friends asked him to join them in the oil fields.  He was a very small fellow, not strong enough for oil work, so he tended orange groves.  Later on, in 1914, my mother, Mittie Alma Joyner, traveled on the train from NC to Coalinga, CA and married my father in the hotel parlor.  William [Bill], my brother, was born in Coalinga in 1916.  My mother went back to NC for a year or two because she was very homesick.  I was born in Yadkinville, NC, during a snow storm, in 1918.

When “Uncle Mac” and “Aunt Sally” died many years later, William grieved for them, as if he had lost his own parents.”

 William and his wife had two children who survived birth:  William “Bill” Ford Van Hoy, Jr. and Margaret Elizabeth Van Hoy.  William made a living as a farmer, educator, and postmaster.  He provided college educations for both his children.  Mittie Alma died in 1956 and William never re-married.  However, he lived long enough to enjoy his grandchildren and great-grandchildren. 

 Daddah Van Hoy [pronounced “DAH-dah”] this round is dedicated to you! 

With courage and tenacity of character, you carved a noble life for yourself, in spite of early losses and disadvantages.  With compassion, you cared for others, including your little sister.  Today, I say a prayer of thanksgiving for the lives of Uncle Mac and Aunt Sally.  Because of their open hearts and open home, all of William’s progeny owes a debt to them.  May we live to model our lives after them.   

 Coram Deo,




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9 responses to “The Heroes Among Us: Third in a Series

  1. I know this is a bit tangential, but what great names! Mac, Sally, Hattie! (I love old-fashioned names 🙂 )

    • Dear Katherine,

      Me, too! My family tree is FULL of those old-fashioned, time-tested names; many hold up quite well. It’s worth a look of your family tree: you might find a name you want to “borrow” some day!

      Thanks for reading and commenting!

      Looking forward to see you for the holidays and holy days!

      Coram Deo,

  2. Georgia

    Thank you for sharing your family jewels with us.
    My thoughts, prayers and heart are with you today (Tues) as I know you are going into the Third Round.

    Dear Father,

    I pray Lord that You would help Margo and Steve. k

    Keep their headgear securely on (Helmet of Salvation) and help their thoughts to be focused on You. Help their lips remain able to utter praises and thanksgivings like Paul and Silas in prison, beaten and in chains… And may the breastplate of Your righteousness keep their hearts and minds safe inside the gates and walls and protection of Jerusalem, the Holy City.

    Keep them shod in the shoes of the Gospel of Peace…as they walk through all of Round Three in Victory and Your Peace that passes all understanding.

    May Your Sword, Your Word avail mightily for them. Please send Your word to heal them from all destructions. (Psalm 107:20) Please build Margo up (Acts 20:32) in grace and faith and cut her free from every bond, connection and cell of cancer and protect her from all negative and harmful side-effects of the treatment. Please direct the chemotherapy to only the cancer and protect all normal tissue, function, structure, organ, chemical balance, valence, hormones, enzymes, circulation and all other processes.

    May The Lord be with you and Stephen, His face and countenance shine upon you as you come and go and may His sweet company and other lovely encounters be arranged for your consolation, for He alone is sufficient for every kind of peril and pain and can make your time together as you move through this whole experience Holy unto the Lord.

    In the Name of the LORD, Jesus of Nazareth, Amen

    • Georgia

      Abba Father, In the Name of Your Son, I also ask that You would bless and anoint every particle of the chemotherapy for Margo’s best benefit…and please intervene to prevent any harm and alleviate and compensate for all discomfort.
      We commend and release Margo into Your care and good domain. Thank You…and bless You.

    • margopayne

      Dear Georgia,

      Thanks, once again, for your faithfulness in reading my blog, in commenting, and in praying. I read your comments over and over and pray as you suggests. I also suggest to my readers that they read your comments and pray accordingly. I very thankful for your clarity and discerning spirit, which provides me/us with these requests — it is a service of love to me.

      Coram Deo,

  3. Carole Stewart

    Margo, we are praying that day 4 of Round 3 will not bring the extreme reactions of Rounds 1 & 2.


    • Thanks, Carole & Rick! It’s Day 4 and I just swam 42 laps! Feeling well today & grateful!

      • Georgia

        Thank you dear Father…we praise You for all You have done for Margo and Steve. Please continue to stay close, hold and bless them through this time.
        We are so grateful for Your strong abiding healing love. In the Name of Jesus, Amen.

    • margopayne

      Dear Rick & Carole,

      As you will read in the post for today, 11.24.09, I am doing tolerably well! Thanks for your faithful prayers! I have fond memories of our Walk to Paradise and the Sacred Harp Sing and look forward to more fun evenings in the future!

      Coram Deo,

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