Family News and Photos!

The Season of Epiphany 2010

Dear Family & Friends,

This year, Garrett will start off our Payne Family News, in his own words:

“Garrett is still showing up for work at Marquis Software Development, Inc. where he has been doing so for almost five years now.

He went to Germany for a couple of weeks in July 2009.  He flew into Berlin and rented a car.  He and the car traveled at ridiculous rates of speed on the German Autobahn before safely arriving in Switzerland to attend a friend’s wedding in Herisau, CH.  After the wedding he toured Bavaria before returning to Berlin.  On the last night in Europe he saw the music group U2 at the Olympiastadion in Berlin (the venue for the 1936 World Olympics).

Garrett plays bass and sings in his friend’s music group, In Wrath.  The name is taken from the Biblical prayer of Habakkuk: ” . . . in wrath remember mercy.”  His friend “thought it sounded cool.”  The band went to Athens, GA in October to record an album at Chase Park Transduction Studios.  They recorded ten songs to analogue tape.  In Wrath plans on releasing the album this year on 12” vinyl and iTunes Music Store.

When he is not working or playing music, Garrett enjoys going to the local gun range and shooting ridiculous looking, high-caliber weapons.

Garrett realizes that his year, although great, will be overshadowed by his sister’s, with the birth of her and her husband’s firstborn.  Garrett promises to step up his game next year.”

[Garrett in Switzerland, Summer 2009].

[Margot resumes]:  On 02.08.09, Daniel & Haley, in Waco, TX, welcomed their first child, Benjamin Daniel Stewart.  Margot [“Marmee”] traveled to Waco and stayed for one week before and after the birth.  She served as “doula” in the birthing room and witnessed the birth of her first grandchild! “Grandaddy” Stephen and Uncle Garrett traveled to TX to meet Benjamin, as did Daniel’s family. Daniel, Haley, and Benjamin live in community with five other adults, in a rural setting, on Windover Farm. In addition to their jobs and studies, the adults have raised vegetables, chickens, and sheep.  The sounds of farm animals — including horses, cows, goats, dogs, and cats — are not only words on a page but are a daily reality in Benjamin’s universe.

Daniel, Haley, and Benjamin traveled to join the Blair Clan at the Annual Summer Reunion in Beech Mountain, NC and then to Tallahassee, to spend time with Daniel’s family.  Benjamin enjoyed his first Christmas in Tallahassee, with both the Payne & Stewart families.

Congratulations to Daniel, who graduated from Baylor University in December 2009!  Haley worked full-time at Baylor University last year but is now home full-time with Benjamin, while Daniel works at the Methodist Boys’ Home. Daniel, Haley, and Benjamin plan to move back home to Tallahassee this summer!

[Haley, Benjamin, and Daniel Stewart, December 2009.]

Stephen & Margot [photo below] heartily thank family and friends for prayer, words of encouragement, and gestures of kindness and generosity during the past seven months.  Many of you know that Margot was diagnosed with breast cancer in June 2009.  For details and updates, see Margot’s blog:

In spite of the difficulties of last year, we have much to be thankful for!  The family members featured above represent some of our richest blessings; having all of them living in the same town is like a dream come true.  We are thankful also for 37 years of marriage, our extended family and friends, our neighbors, and our church family at St. Peter’s Anglican.

We always enjoy receiving Christmas cards, letters, and photographs from you.  This letter is our attempt to encourage future communiqués from you.  We cherish our friendship with each one of you, in spite of distance and time.

Coram Deo,

Stephen & Margot Payne

P.S. Yes, this is a new spelling for Margot.  You may read about the reason for this change, on Margot’s blog update entitled Vision.


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6 responses to “Family News and Photos!

  1. Thank you, Margot, for sharing a happy family story. Wow, I am so happy for you that your new grandbaby will be living here! Tom and I hope to meet them.

    If Garrett is ever in town and has the urge, Tom belongs to a range, where he shoots high power guns, too, and is always looking for an enthusiast to go along.

    Love and Blessings to you All!

    • margopayne

      Dear Susan,

      Thank you for your enthusiasm regarding my family story; it encourages me greatly!

      Your genuine friendliness and smile boosts my spirit every Sunday when I see you.

      Coram Deo,

  2. Kathy Ciarlariello

    Dear Steve and Margot,

    I love your family!!! Thank you for sharing this letter and these pictures with us. You all are so dear to so many. What a blessing your friendship is.

    Love always,
    the Ciarlariello family
    Jeremiah 31:3

    • margopayne

      Dear Kathy,

      I am so glad you enjoyed our family news & photos! Daniel & Haley are looking forward to re-connecting with your family, when they move back “home.” Of course, your family is a favorite with all the Paynes!

      Coram Deo,

  3. Georgia

    What a wonderful family – a true treasure and blessing from the Lord. My heart, thoughts and prayers continue with you.
    Please give us an update on how you are feeling soon.
    In His great Agape,

    • margopayne

      Dear Georgia,

      It is a great blessing to me that I can always count on your prayers plus readership and comments on my blog! You have a wonderful gift of language, in articulating and composing prayers, from the deep resources that God has given you. Thank you for sharing this gift with the Body of Christ.

      Coram Deo,

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