Prunes & Espresso

Dear Faithful Family & Friends,

FSU Morcom Aquatics Center: 50 meter pool

I thought you might enjoy seeing a photograph of “my home away from home:’  the pool where Stephen and I currently swim laps three mornings a week.  Isn’t this place gorgeous?  During the summer, we swam in the 50 meter pool [above].  However, during the academic year we swim in the 25-meter dive pool during the same time [8 am] that the FSU Swim Team works out in the 50-meter pool.  I find the atmosphere very stimulating!  The advantage of the dive pool is that it is 82-83 degrees, which is lovely, except that the outdoor temperature will continue to decrease, throughout the fall and winter.  This makes entering the pool oh-so-inviting but exiting the pool is excruciating! And yes, it does get cold here in North West Florida.

This morning, I swam about 50 laps [one lap is 50 meters] in about 60 minutes. Keep in mind, however, that I swim with fins and paddles.  Swimming with Stephen has motivated me to swim faster and better, as I am very competitive.  He warns me, however, that he is “nipping at my fins.”  My retort is that I am very afraid and will faint after breakfast . . .

Here is a bit of good news!  I have recently been accepted as a subject in an FSU Research Study [Physiology Department] which will run for six months, beginning November 2010.  The study, for post-menopausal breast cancer survivors, will study the effect of exercise and dried plum consumption on bone density.  I will participate in rigorous, supervised exercise, two days a week at FSU, as part of the study.  I can’t wait!  I report for my baseline assessments on October 20 and 27.

At the same time, I will conduct a personal research study in swimming, studying the effect of espresso coffee consumption on swim performance.  The experimental phase will include one cup of espresso before swimming.  The control phase will exclude the cup of espresso before swimming.  I told Stephen that I think the experimental phase is going to last a very long time . . .

Coram Deo,


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  1. Georgia

    Hi dear Margot,
    Love the new emphasis in your blog…and your writing style!
    In regard to your research study, there is a benefit to drinking that expresso that you may not have suspected. Did you know that a cup of strong expresso has vast amounts of niacinimide, vitamin B3, which is being used in an Alzheimer’s study with promising results? It has been shown that as a rule, grandparent types like us do not absorb (or is it metabolize or utilize? Anyway, there is some block) B vitamins as well as young folks do. B12 and other B vitamins are greatly increased in Centrum Silver for that reason.
    On the other hand, the caffeine in expresso (and in chocolate, sadly) can make elder women excitable, jittery, irritable and tired because they don’t sleep well and even cause hot flashes. Thankfully, decaf expresso actually has MORE niacinimide than the caffeinated according to one online list. When you get to the control stage of your research, though, you might want to be sure you take a few B vitamins to get you through it.
    Keep on writing, swimming, taking good care of yourself and enjoying your dear family!

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