Anniversary Year Two!

Dear Family & Friends,

Yesterday, I quietly and privately celebrated my second anniversary!  Exactly two years have passed since the day of the diagnosis of my breast cancer.  A friend of mine recently texted me to share the news that she celebrated “Anniversary Year Five” and, therefore, is officially a “Breast Cancer Survivor!”  I am eager to reach this significant milestone, also.  In the meantime, however, I am silently singing:

“Praise God, from whom ALL blessings flow!

Praise Him, all creatures here below;

Praise Him, above, ye heavenly hosts;

Praise Father, Son, and Holy Ghost!”

In other news:

I completed my six-month FSU Physiology Research Study and showed improvement in many areas of fitness!  I am continuing to swim laps, about 1 & 1/2 miles, three times a week.

This week, I report to the Tallahassee Oncology office, to meet with the Physician’s Assistant.   I will have an exam every six months.

I forgot to tell you that I DID have the Infusa-Port removed, in March.  The surgical procedure went very well.

As soon as I figure out how to transfer photographs from my iPhone to this blog, I will post Family Photos & News!

Coram Deo,



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2 responses to “Anniversary Year Two!

  1. Debbie Trostle

    Two years is wonderful news. Congratulations!! It has been 19 years for me. That is after one oncologist said it would return again since it had already returned. That was 19 years ago. Enjoy your summer!

  2. Susan Eaton

    Thank you so much for passing on your wonderful news! I bet you know just how David felt in his wonderful praise psalms.

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