Christmas in July: Family News & Photos!

From Garrett:
Garrett:  Christmas 2010
I am still working at Marquis Software Development. This year will mark my six year anniversary with the company.  We stay very busy.

I have finally cobbled together a fully analog stereo sound system.  The realized goal is to have a room devoted to listening to vinyl records and reading books, in an attempt to minimize the digital footprint in my house.  I rather got a bit carried away:  One pallet arriving by freight later, I now have speakers built in the 70’s that are among my larger pieces of furniture.  Also, out of necessity, I am learning the art of soldering.  Nothing will make you feel more like your dad than buying soldering equipment.

I am still playing bass guitar in the rock band In Wrath.  Excuse me while I shamelessly promote the band:  You can purchase our full length Fit And Tried on iTunes, Amazon (digital), or (180gram clear vinyl with digital download).  [There, that was relatively painless.]

From Haley:

Haley, Daniel, and Benjamin:  Christmas 2010

Haley, Daniel, and Benjamin Stewart have had a busy year with lots of change!  They moved back to Tallahassee last May, to be close to family (two sets of grandparents, an aunt, and an uncle) and so that Haley could start her first semester of an Art History graduate program at FSU.  They are thrilled to be back in Tallahassee!  After completing her first semester at FSU, Haley decided to postpone grad school (possibly forever) and stay home with Benjamin, while working only part-time. She is a ballet instructor for South Georgia Performing Arts and does choreography and rehearsal assisting for the South Georgia Ballet.
In 2010, Daniel worked as a medical tech at a mental health facility with very difficult hours.  He was hired this January to work at Marquis Software Development with Garrett and Stephen.  He is enjoying biking to work and being on a normal schedule!  We celebrated Benjamin’s second birthday this February and are delighted to announce that he will become a big brother this October!  The Stewarts live in a house just a few doors down from Uncle Garrett and keep a large vegetable garden and 5 chickens in their yard.  They are enjoying getting settled into their new parish, Blessed Sacrament Catholic Church, which is just up the road from their house.
Benjamin:  Choosing a Christmas tree, 2010
Benjamin:  Family Birthday Party, February 2011
Benjamin in the Garden, 2011
Daniel & Haley, Summer 2011
From Stephen & Margot:
Margot, Benjamin, and Stephen
Christmas 2010
Well, if you keep up with my blog [], then you know all of our recent news!  I also recommend two blogs from Haley:  [ and], in which she provides thoughtful text and lovely photos.
I do have a bit of  “new” news, which post-dates Haley’s submitted paragraph:  we recently found out that we are expecting a baby granddaughter in October!  O, joy!
We just returned from a nine-day vacation to the mountains of NC.  See Haley’s “Carrots”  blog [URL above] for some beautiful photographs and descriptions!
Coram Deo,

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