Family Photos 2011

Dear Family & Friends:  Here are a few photo highlights from 2011:

The Payne & Stewart Family Vacation: June 2011 Beech Mountain, NC:  [Daniel and Benjamin @ Pond Creek]

October 22, 2011:  Benjamin [@ 2.9 years] meets Lucy Elanor [@ 1 day old]

October 22, 2011:  Uncle Garrett meets Lucy for the first time.

December 2011:  Daniel, Haley, and Lucy:

 The annual Stewart tradition of choosing a Christmas tree in South Georgia.

Christmas Morning 2011 @ the Stewarts: Benjamin and Lucy

Christmas Morning 2011 – Brunch @ the Paynes:  Garrett, Stephen, Benjamin, Lucy, Margot, Haley

[Daniel is taking the photo.]

Just another typical New Year’s Eve for these three socialites:   Stephen, Margot, and Garrett @ Davis-Stewart Wedding Reception @ Governor’s Club, Tallahassee, 2011.  [Stephen & Margot stayed awake until 12M!]

January, 2012:  Lucy

Yes, she still has blue eyes, even though Daniel & Haley each have brown eyes.

For more photos and highlights, see:

Preview of 2012:

Stephen will retire from FSU but will continue consulting with Marquis Software.

Stephen & Margot will celebrate their 60th birthdays and their 39th wedding anniversary.  They will travel to California, to visit family and attend a wedding.  While in CA, they will travel north, from Santa Barbara to Carmel and Big Sur.

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  1. Debbie

    Great pictures, thank you for sharing.

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