The Healing Garden

Dear Friends,

Please join me in contributing a brick to The Healing Garden, a place of solace, hope, and quiet, for cancer patients and their families.

Coram Deo,


The Healing Garden

The Tallahassee Memorial Cancer Center

The Tallahassee Memorial Cancer Center at One Healing Place is a 52,412 square-foot building, featuring comfortable furnishings, patient-centered amenities and a beautiful, outdoor Healing Garden that provides a place of rest, solace, and comfort.

The garden is comprised of foliage known for its healing qualities, with ambling paths, outdoor seating, and soothing water features — to provide a natural retreat for patients and families.

The Healing Garden features a variety of spaces to accommodate different activities and levels of privacy for groups and solitary contemplation. Many activities and events will be featured in the Healing Garden, such as artists-at-work and Tai Chi.

However, the essence of the Healing Garden is in the enhancement of the environment and the provision of a beautiful retreat for all.

For more information, Google “Tallahassee Memorial HealthCare Foundation.”

 The Healing Garden: Brick or Tree Plates

Make checks payable to and snail-mail this completed form and your contribution to:

The TMH Foundation

1331 East Sixth Avenue

Tallahassee, FL

For more information:

Janet Borneman 850.431.4048

Your Name/s: 
Your Snail Mail Address: 
Your Phone Number: 
[Name/Message to be listed on the Brick or Tree Plate]:Please Print.


In Honor of: 
In Memory of:

Bricks are $200 each.


Tree Plates are $1,000 each.

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