Revision: “About Margot”

February 2012

Dear Friends & Family,

In 1952, my parents bestowed upon me the birth name, “Margo,” but decades later, I changed the spelling to “Margot:”  For the complete story, read the entry, Vision. 

I am a wife, mother, mother-in-law, grandmother, sister, aunt, and friend.  I am also a “breast cancer patient,” a connection to one out of every eight women.  In  June 2014, I received the designation, “breast cancer survivor.”

Stephen and I have been married since 1973.  It has been 40 wonderful years – but please — do not bother to ask me, for I never speak about those other years. 

My Professor, also known as Mr. Romance, does not conform to the “Hallmark” calendar — but he brings me surprise gifts, compliments, and breakfast in bed.

I humor My Professor by pretending to play the role of “Eliza Doolittle” to his “Henry Higgins.”  However, in truth, he performs “Rumpole” to my “Hilda” [“She Who Must Be Obeyed”].

Our two greatest gifts have been our children:  A son, Garrett [born 1979] and a daughter, Haley [born 1985].  In spite of our best efforts to “shake them off,” including moving away from their childhood home, they still managed to find our “empty nest.”

Garrett married the lovely Diana in 2018. They live and work in Tallahassee. We enjoy dining and attending cultural events. We also enjoy spending summer and winter vacations together.




Uncle Garrett and niece, Lucy, on her day of birth in 2011.

Haley, Daniel, and Benjamin:  Christmas Day 2010

Haley married Daniel in 2006 and they are parents to Benjamin [born in 2009], Lucy [born in 2011], Gwen [born in 2013], and Hildie [born in 2018].  I assure you that My Professor and I are not like those other “annoying grandparents.”  We are, in fact, quite worse.  From time to time, I will annoy my readers, by posting photographs and quotes about my grandchildren.

“Marmeee” with Benjamin [at one-week old] in 2009.

“Marmee” with Lucy, on her Baptismal Day, November 2011.

“Marmee” with Benjamin and Lucy:  Thanksgiving Day 2011.

“Marmee” with Lucy on Thanksgiving Day 2011.

I have never successfully constructed a garment, created a prize-winning recipe, or designed a room in our home.  However, I do construct, create, and design with words.  I speak and write the Queen’s English but I am quite willing to employ the King’s, if necessary.

I enjoy all things classical, ancient, and sacred:  spaces, gardens, architecture, music, books, art, and liturgy.  “Dr. Adventure” and I relish the challenge of staying awake until nine o’clock every evening, while we read the works of British authors:  among these are C. S. Lewis, J. R. R. Tolkien, Charles Dickens, Charlotte Bronte, and Jane Austen. We are collecting a library of British authors and BBC “Masterpiece Theatre” films.

You might say that My Professor and I are true Anglophiles:  We even went so far as to join St. Peter’s Anglican Cathedral in Tallahassee!

For fitness, we swim laps.  I swim faster than my husband to ensure that he will, after all these years, continue to chase after me.  We also do strength training together. I practice Tai Chi and drink Chai Tea. My indoor interests include calligraphy, reading, writing memoirs, and recording family histories.  However, I complete my domestic chores before pursuing other more stimulating hobbies.  Always.  Of course.  

[Revised 12.2018]

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