“I Left My Heart . . . In San Juan Capistrano . . . “

Mission San Juan Capistrano

Stephen & I returned recently from a trip to California to attend the wedding of our niece.  While there, we visited Mission San Juan Capistrano, which is one of the finest in California.  We would like to return and visit all 21 of the Spanish missions, which dot the California coast.


Stephen & I: April 2012 at Mission San Juan Capistrano

This recent trip made me very nostalgic for my childhood years in California:  there were blooms and foliage everywhere, no bugs, no humidity, the temperature was perfect, the sky was overcast, and there was a lovely breeze.

Walking along the beach [below] on the Pacific Ocean brought back my childhood years, when I lived only four miles from the beach:  The sharp smell of the sea salt air, the sea gulls, the lagoons, the tide pools, the cliffs, the kelp, the surfers, the coldness of the water.  Yes, the water is COLD so not very many people enter it without wearing a wet suit.  Also, the sand is brown, not white, because the sun is not as intense as in Florida.

Beach at Dana Point, near San Juan Capistrano

The majority of the restaurants offer outdoor seating on brick patios.  It seems very Mediterranean and befits the perfect climate.  Sarducci’s Italian Restaurant was built inside an old train depot:

El Adobe Restaurant in San Juan Capistrano is housed inside a very old Spanish structure, complete with a dungeon, which now serves as a wine cellar.  I am happy to report that,  after a 40 year search, I found the perfect Chili Relleno at this restaurant:

And, oh yes, the wedding and reception!  I must point out that, in the photo below, I am NOT wearing a white bonnet with red flowers.  The distracting item you see is a dome-shaped floral arrangement on the table behind us.

April 2012:  Wedding Reception of my niece, Michelle Blair to James Foltz

I am not much of a traveler but I  had such a wonderful time that I did not want to return home!  The California weather was so invigorating that, when I returned home to Tallahassee, I admit that the humid heat felt oppressive.  However, I perked up when Stephen reminded me of the freeways, congested traffic, and high cost of housing in California.

Here are two additional reasons that I am glad to be back home:

Benjamin:  Age three years, eating homemade ice cream on Mother’s Day 2012.

Lucy, age six months, on  Mother’s Day 2012.

Coram Deo,


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