A Letter from Japan, 1957

Dear Readers,

Please read Summers of Contentment: Part 4, before you read this entry:

Last month, when I visited the NC Blair Family Retreat, I brought home an archival box, labeled, “Japan: 1957.”  Inside the box, in chronological order, are the letters which my father sent back home to my mother in the U. S.  My father wrote frequent letters, during his one-year tour of duty, as the U. S. Air Force commander of a radar base, in the mountains of Hokkaido, Japan.

Yesterday, my husband read aloud to me from the letters this simple sentence, written to my mother:

“Your mention of singing songs in the car made me reminisce — what wonderful, but simple fun we had together riding nowhere in particular and singing out nothing but happiness.”

Read Places of Enchantment, my tribute to my father, which highlights the simple pleasures of family singing, camping, and campfire songs.

Coram Deo,


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