Hymnody: Vexilla Regis [Gregorian Chant]

Vexilla Regis


Hymnody:  The Season of Passiontide and Easter:

Vexilla Regis [Gregorian Chant]

Vexilla Regis has always been one of the most renowned of early hymns, its imperial imagery a vivid reminder of the Christianizing of the Roman empire [a vexilla is the banner at the head of a Roman legion.]  Reputedly, this hymn was written in 569 to welcome a procession bringing a fragment of the ‘true Cross’ to the convent of Poitiers.”

From:  Sing, Ye Heavens:  Hymns for All Time, The Cambridge Singers, Directed by John Rutter, Collegium Records, 2000.

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Vexilla Regis prodeunt:

Fulget crucis mysterium,

Quo carne carnis Conditor

Suspensus est patibulo.


Impleta sunt quae concinit

David fidelis carmine,

Dicendo nationibus

Regnavit a lingo Deus.


Arbor decora et fulgida

Ornata Regis purpura,

Electa digno stipite

Tam sancta membra tangere.


O crux ave, spes unica

Hoc Passionis tempore,

Auge piis justiciam

Reisque dona veniam.


Te summa Deus Trinitas

Collaudet omnis spiritus:

Quos per crucis mysterium

Salvas, rege per saecula.  Amen.


[Venantius Fortunatus]


The royal banners forward go;

The Cross shines forth in mystic glow;

Where he in flesh, our flesh who made,

Our sentence bore, our ransom paid.


Fulfilled in all that David told

In true prophetic song of old;

Amidst the nations, God, saith he,

Hath reigned and triumphed from the tree.


O Tree of beauty, Tree of light!

O Tree with royal purple dight!

Elect on whose triumphal breast

Those holy limbs should find their rest.


O Cross, our own reliance, hail!

So may the power with us avail

To give new virtue to the saint,

And pardon to the penitent.


To thee, eternal Three in One,

Let homage meet by all be done;

Whom by the Cross thou dost restore,

Preserve and govern evermore.  Amen.


[Translation by J. M. Neale]

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