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Dear Readers,

“The Egg and I” is a series of blog entries related to all matters domestic.

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I am a no-fuss kind of gal who likes to prepare simple, nutritious food for my family.

I have been making home-made granola since the 1970’s, when I bought the book, “MORE WITH LESS:  Recipes and suggestions by Mennonites on how to eat better and consume less of the world’s limited food resources [1976 edition].”

Before marriage, I did not know how to cook. So, I pored over this cookbook, as a novitiate might pore over a prayer-book.

After 25 years of employment, my beloved cookbook looked exactly like this:


In 2000, I purchased the “25th Anniversary Edition:”


And, now, you can order the “30th Anniversary Edition” of the “More-With-Less” Cookbook:


In the 25th Anniversary “More With Less” cookbook, you will find granola recipes on pages 89-93.  These recipes served as the basis for the recipe below.

I created a recipe that is free of:

  • gluten
  • peanuts and cashews [which are legumes — not nuts]
  • dried fruits

 . . . and that is also:

  • made entirely from organic sources
  • low-sodium
  • low-sugar
  • vegan

This recipe is so easy that I am not going to provide step-by-step photos.  You can do this!

Kitchen Tools:

one 12-quart shallow stainless steel bowl, for mixing the granola



one “turkey roaster” or something similar, for baking the granola


Pyrex or Corning glass measures cups:  2 cup and 4 cup.  Make sure these are made in the USA!


A large cooking spoon, to stir the mix.

A large bowl scraper: [I use a “unibody” silicone one.]

A kitchen timer.

Margot’s Granola Recipe:  

A.  Dry Ingredients:


All of these organic ingredients are available from the Bulk Section of the New Leaf Market, in Tallahassee.


Click here for details:  New Leaf Market.

These dry ingredients are organic, raw, unsalted, unsweetened, and unroasted:

12 cups rolled oats, gluten-free

2 cups each:  sunflower seeds; pumpkin seeds; coconut [unsweetened, shredded]; buckwheat groats [kasha]

1 cup each: sesame seeds; flax seeds or flax seed meal; hemp seeds [hulled/”hearts”]

1 cup each of the following nuts:  chopped, sliced, or diced:

–walnuts, pecans, almonds

B.  Liquid Ingredients:  


All ingredients are organic and pure.  

The proportion of liquid to dry ingredients is about 1:6.  If you prefer a more moist granola, increase the liquids.

In the following order, measure each ingredient in the two-cup glass measure and then pour into the four-cup glass measure:

1 cup total oil:  I just use oil but you may choose a combination of oil, coconut oil, and almond butter.

1 cup total sweetener:  We use East Hill Honey Company raw local honey.  You may also use maple syrup.


Click here to order the honey:  East Hill Honey Company.

1/2 cup water

1 Tablespoon pure vanilla

1 Tablespoon cinnamon

1 teaspoon nutmeg

1/2 teaspoon each: cloves, cardamom

1-2 teaspoons sea salt


Dump all the “A” ingredients into the bowl or turkey roaster.  Stir well.

Cover the four-cup glass measure with a glass plate. Heat all the “B” ingredients in the glass measure in the microwave.  Use 30-second intervals on “high.”   Stir well after each interval.  Continue, until mixed well.  Do not over-heat.

Slowly pour the liquid ingredients into the dry ingredients.  Stir.  Add more liquid.  Stir.  Etc.

Use the bowl scraper. Keep stirring, until the liquid and dry ingredients are thoroughly mixed.

Divide the granola into two equal batches.  Reserve the second batch.

Dump the first batch into the bowl or roasting pan.  Spread out the granola.

Bake the granola in a 300 degree oven.  Set the kitchen timer for 15 minutes.  Go watch a movie and stir the batches every 15 minutes.  Do not burn the granola!

When the granola reaches a color of golden, crunchy perfection, remove the first batch.  Dump the first batch into a container, to cool.

Now bake the second batch, following the above instructions.

When cool, store your batches of granola in air-tight “locking” food storage containers.  Store one container in the pantry.

Store the other containers in the freezer.



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