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A Midsummer Night’s Scheme: Part Two

A Midsummer’s Night Scheme:  Part Two

 January 1, 2012

To Our Most Gracious Queen, Tatiana:

We, your Faithful Attendants, are elated to learn that you, Most Gracious Queen, are pleased with the successful orchestration of the conjoining of Jay and Kathryn, in the State of Honorable Marriage, on the Eve of the New Year.

Indeed, we covertly assisted in making great preparation for the Nuptials:

A week before the Wedding, we Fairies attended upon the Beauteous Bride, Kathryn:  We traveled to Italy, to fetch the delicate handcrafted Wedding Veil.

Returning to the Bride’s Fair City, we secured the Bible for her to carry down the aisle:  the same Bible that her beloved Grandmother Kathy carried, on her Wedding Day, almost sixty years ago.

Meanwhile, Robin Goodfellow traveled speedily to the Antipodes [China, in fact] to escort the Best Man [Casey Sapp, by name] to the Wedding Festivities.

We Fairies adorned the Chapel, within and without, with large glass lanterns and candles.  We also festooned the Chapel with flowers and greenery.

We fervently hoped that there would be “so much light in the night that dew on the grass will be shining like liquid pearls.”

And indeed, on the evening of the Candlelight Ceremony, the moon shone her benevolent light onto the Chapel By The Lake, as the Wedding Guests arrived.

The moon and the guests “beheld the night of the solemnities.”

We were delighted when you, Most Gracious Queen, and Most Excellent Oberon, arrived to take your places, hidden and veiled, to witness the Nuptials of the two Young Lovers.

You will agree with us that the wedding was “full of state and ancientry.”

When the Bride walked down the aisle, on the arm of her father, she appeared to “shine as gloriously as the Venus of the sky.”

When her father lifted her veil, we overheard the Groom whisper to the Best Man, “In mine eyes, she is the sweetest lady that ever I looked upon!”  And we heard the Best Man whisper, in reply: “In faith, I believe your blazon to be true!”

At the altar, Jay whispered to Kathryn, “Lady, as you are mine, I am yours.  I give away myself to you and dote upon the exchange.”

Then he entreated her:  “Give me your hand, before these holy Friars.”

With confirmed countenance, the Friars conducted the Holy Rites,in the Ancient Sacrament of Marriage.

They instructed the musicians:  “Now, divine air!” and sweet music filled the Chapel.

Next, the holy Friars offered prayers, Scripture, hymns, commendations, and officiated the exchange of vows and rings.

Jay whispered to the holy Friars, “Oh, let me kiss this princess of pure white, this seal of bliss!” 

Finally, when the holy Friars pronounced the couple “Husband and Wife,” they entreated the couple to seal their Union with a kiss.

After the kiss, the Wedding Guests cheered in glad exaltation and thus the couple was “eternally knit.”

The Chapel bells pealed and we joyfully observed that our Most Gracious Queen and Most Excellent Oberon joined the Mortals in the chorus of blessing and praise, before returning to the Fairy World.

After the Ceremony, the Groom and Bride invited the Wedding Guests to join them for a Winter Revelry, at The Odd Fellows Lodge.*

A noisome, brightly-painted horseless carriage, which the Mortals call a “Trolley,” transported the Wedding Party from the Chapel to the Lodge.

The Fairy Lights, with which we adorned the Town Square Ancient Oaks, illuminated the pathway for the Wedding Guests, as they walked to the Lodge, from their conveyances.

At the Lodge, we secretly assisted in making preparation for a “feast in great solemnity.”

For the Wedding Banquet, we prepared a great quantity of ale, wine, bread, fruit, vegetables, fowl, beef, and fish.  The guests enjoyed the refreshments with great enthusiasm.

The festivities continued, with “pomp, with triumph, and with reveling.”

The clock struck the hour for Toasts, in honor of the Groom and Bride, such as this, which we Fairies recorded:

“O most happy hour!  Gentle joy and fresh days of love accompany your hearts!”

And all the Guests said, “Amen” to the prayers!

After the Cutting of the Cake, Jay entreated the Wedding Guests:

“Let’s have a dance e’er we are married, that we may lighten our hearts and our heels!”  He instructed the musicians: “Therefore, play music!  Strike up, pipers!” 

The gifted cadre of musicians, whom the Mortals call a “Swing Band,” played merrily, offering the musical re-enactment of the evening, twenty years ago, for the Wedding Revelry for Lovely Linda, the aunt of the bride.

The clock struck twelve o’clock midnight and yet the Moonlight Revels continued, until the Groom and Bride made preparation to depart for their Honeymoon.  With fragrant flower petals, the Wedding Guests, from the balcony above, showered the newlyweds below.

As the Wedding Guests waved and bid them “Adieu,” the Groom and Bride departed in a small, bright, shiny red horseless carriage, owned by the Father of the Bride.

Brightly colored “works of fire” illuminated the night sky.

With the breaking of the dawn, we discharged our duty and disappeared into the mist of the morning of the New Day of the New Year.

Your gentle attendants,

 Peas-Blossom, Mustard Seed, Moth, and Cobweb

*Known to the mortals as “The Club of the Governor”

~Written by Margot Blair Payne, February, 2012

Text and Image Credits for Parts One and Two:

The author gratefully grateful acknowledges:

The Bard of Avon, William Shakespeare, for the generous loan of the concepts and quotes from three of his great works of literature:

“Much Ado About Nothing,”  “A Midsummer Night’s Dream,” and “Romeo and Juliet.”

The artistic genius of Arthur Rackham and Thomas Williams, who provided book illustrations.

Other image and photo credits:



Ida Cason Memorial Chapel, Calloway Gardens.

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A Midsummer Night’s Scheme: Part One

Dear Readers,

Almost one year has past since the Engagement of my friends, Jay Stewart and Kathryn Davis.  In order to celebrate the anniversary of this event, I have revised the original story and added images to enhance the text.  Coming soon:  Part Two, which will contain a new story:  the Wedding Ceremony.  Enjoy!

Coram Deo,


A Midsummer Night’s Scheme:  Part One

June 2011

Most Excellent Oberon, Your Royal Highness:

It is I, Robin Goodfellow, “that merry wanderer of the night,” who greets you.  I have returned from the Mortal World and I hereby submit my report of the clandestine operation, under your command, to join the Houses of Davis and Stewart.

Queen Titania graciously sent four of her “Fairies-In-Waiting,” to assist me in this secret mission.  Throughout this covert assignment, the Good Fairies and I remained cloaked and invisible to the eyes of the Mortals.  Therefore, the Mortals never suspected that we orchestrated every maneuver and strategy, in the scheme to join the two Houses!  [Me thinks: “Lord, what fools these mortals be!”]

Before leaving the Fairy World, your wise counsel prompted me to travel to Cupid’s Flower Field, to secure a vial of Love Potion Essence.  After the Fairies and I entered the Mortal World, we traveled to the two respective forest homes of the Young Gentleman, Jay Stewart by name, and Young Lady, Kathryn Davis by name.  As each of them slumbered, we touched their eyelids with a drop of the Essence.  When next they saw each other, the match was easily made!

Next, I whispered into the ear of Jay that he should propose to Kathryn, on a certain Midsummer Evening, in the Enchanted Park of the Ancient Oaks, which the mortals call, “Los Robles.” I influenced him to serenade the Lady, in the Park, under the branches of a tree, newly-planted and dedicated to the memory of the beloved Kathy, the late grandmother of Kathryn.

On the appointed Midsummer Day, I arranged for Jay and Kathryn to employ a carriage and dine together, far away from the Park.  As dusk approached, the Good Fairies and I covertly assisted the Mortals, in making preparations for the “Secret Proposal” and for the “Midsummer Revelry” that would immediately follow.

The weather being inclement, I whispered into the ears of Lord & Lady Davis that they should secure a canopy, to shelter and protect the “Secret Proposal Site” from the rain.  Next, I directed Lord & Lady Stewart and their two children [Sarah and David, by name] to spread a cloak under the canopy and on top of the damp grass.  Upon this cloak, they placed a leather case, which protected a musical instrument, rather like a lute.  Carefully hidden within the case was an heirloom ring!

Having finished these tasks, the Families Davis and Stewart departed from the Park and sought shelter inside the Davis Manor, situated next to the Park.  The Good Fairies and I kept sentinel over the canopy, while the Mortals, inside the Manor, stood in front of the windows facing the Park.  From this vantage point, the Mortals observed Jay and Kathryn, as they returned to the Park, in their carriage, at dusk.  With a bit of Fairy Dust, we cloaked the mortals so that they could observe Jay and Kathryn but not vice versa.

Jay serenaded Kathryn with a love sonnet, composed from his own pure brain and accompanied by the lute.  O, how the Sweet Lady appeared to swoon, as the words of the love song enveloped her!  How she wept tears of joy, as she heard his declaration of love!   How her heart melted, when Jay concluded his song with the last line: “Will you be my wife?”  He knelt before her, bestowing upon her an engagement ring, fashioned from a cherished heirloom from Grandmother Kathy.  Kathryn, without hesitation, accepted the proposal of marriage and vowed that “My heart is true as steel!”

We directed the two Young Lovers, through the driving rain, to the Davis Manor, to share the glad tidings with Lord & Lady Davis.  Upon entering the front door, they found the interior strangely dark and quiet.  So, we guided them to the entry of the Enchanted Secret Walled Garden.

When the two Young Lovers entered the Garden, how Kathryn did swoon again!  How her face flushed! How she laughed with merriment, when she heard a joyful, loud shout:  “Surprise!”  For there, gathered in the Garden, were the family members and closest friends of the Houses of Davis and Stewart!  The astonished Kathryn declared, “I am amazed and know not what to say!”

Adorning the branches of the Garden Oak Tree were [what the Mortals call] “Fairy Lights,” which, along with the candles on tabletops, illuminated the Garden, performing the office of the moon, which was enshrouded by the hazy clouds.

Ah, me! Such merry-making ensued!  Each Mortal raised a glass, to toast the Engaged Couple and to wish them joy!  Then, a few of the Mortals took “photographs,” which, through some sorcery, captures images through the means of a small box with a magic eye.

I orchestrated the rescue of the refreshments from the weather, as the Mortals transferred them, with Fairy-like energy and efficiency, into the Manor, where all the Mortals dashed to escape the rain, thunder, and lightning.  There, the revelry continued, the likes of which I have seldom observed, outside of the domain of the Fairy World.

The Bard observed, “The course of true love never did run smooth.” And, in faith, I thought that the inclement weather might have beaten us. Yet, on this Midsummer Evening, Zeus, the god of thunder, was no match for Aphrodite, the goddess of love and beauty.

I entreat Your Highness and Her Highness, Queen Titania, to be present, yet hidden and veiled, to bless these two Young Lovers, at the Ceremony of their Nuptials, on the Evening before the Dawn of the New Year.

Your humble servant,


 ~Written by Margot Blair Payne, February 2012.  Revised May 2012.

Image Credits for Parts One and Two:

The author gratefully grateful acknowledges:

The Bard of Avon, William Shakespeare, for the generous loan of the concepts and quotes from three of his great works of literature:  “Much Ado About Nothing,”  “A Midsummer Night’s Dream,” and “Romeo and Juliet.”

The artistic genius of Arthur Rackham and Thomas Williams, who provided the illustrations.

Other image and photo credits:



Carson Chapel, Calloway Gardens.

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