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Prayers & Heroines

I attended the Wednesday Noon Eucharist Service at St. Peter’s Anglican Church, which included portions of the “Ministration to the Sick,” from pages 453-461 of the Book of Common Prayer.  In the quiet before the service began, I read the “Prayers for the Sick,” pages 458-461.  I invite you to pray those prayers for me.  Within pages 453-457, there are Scripture Readings.  [I am sure you can Google the Book of Common Prayer, 1979 Version.]

Several of you who have contacted me are my heroines!  You are the women who have taken this path ahead of me and you have reached out to me in compassion and generosity of spirit.  I am trying very hard to keep all names and stories private but you know who you are and your words of comfort and reassurance give me strength!

My Tallahassee friend, Kim, came over last night.  She gave me permission to explain that, two years ago, she had a bilateral masectomy AND elected not to have reconstructive surgery.  She gave me wise counsel & encouragement, answered my many questions, and prayed with me.   Thank you, Kim, for ministering to me!

My cousin, Teresa Van Hoy, whom I have mentioned in this blog, [see below] sent me a text message last week, which reads:  “In answer to your question, I have never regretted not having reconstructive surgery.   I have always felt beautiful and you will, too.” 

As the surgery day approaches, I struggle to be brave so I must ask you to pray faithfully for me all weekend!

On Monday morning, I  report to the hospital at 7 AM and the procedure begins at 9 AM.

I have been meditating on the words of this hymn:

Immortal, Invisible, God Only Wise

In Light Inaccesible, Hid From Our Eyes,

Most Blessed, Most Glorious, The Ancient of Days

Almighty Victorious, Thy Great Name We Praise!



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