Heroes of Courage

This morning I had a liver scan [ultra sound].  The official pathology report will not be available to me for 5 days.  However, the technician [unofficially] said that she could find nothing irregular in the images of the liver.  So, I think I am OK there.

Thank you,  dear friends who write to me via comments on this blog.  I will not publish/post any comments that have personal health histories contained within.  However, I heartily thank you who write to me, assuring me that I am not alone!

I received permission from my cousin, Teresa Miriam Van Hoy, to publish this link to her story:  “Life After Mastectomy:  A Survivor’s Story.” http://www.foxnews.com/story/0,2933,301741,00.html  Or, you can Google, “Teresa Van Hoy” and find the Fox News articles.  Then, after you read the articles, you will know why she is my hero.

A friend wrote a comment on this blog, which encouraged me greatly.  Here, I excerpt it:  “Bill shared with me several days ago he is praying that God give you the same courage He gave your father while flying over Germany during WWII.”  When Stephen read that comment aloud to me, we both wept.

Yes, dear family and friends, continue to pray for courage for me! And, also, specifically, pray that there would be no complications with the surgery.  I am especially concerned about the removal of lymph nodes, as I do not want lymphedema.


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3 responses to “Heroes of Courage

  1. Your words are such an encouragement. I am still in awe of the visual you gave us with you sitting on the poolside cheering Laura on to victory as she had swam and reached the other end of the pool.

    This is exactly what we will and are doing just for you. We join you in marching straight ahead through the midst of this storm and will watch how our loving FATHER shall part the seas, open the waters, heal our bodies and lead us to victory.

    We join you in prayers for your Dad’s and Grandmother’s heart of courage and thank you for your openness to include us in this trial.

    All for HIS glory,

  2. I am having trouble leaving a reply. I will try this and see if I have figured out what is going on—-three times I have written wordsfrom my heart and the message would not go through–perhaps now it will work and I will write again from my heart.

    love and hugs,

  3. debbie evans

    Hi Friend,

    Jackie McHaffie told me of your news. Know that I am praying for you and want to be kept up to date.

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