Pre-Surgery Prayer

Dear Faithful Praying Family & Friends,

Thank you for reading this blog and for praying!  Here are some specific things to pray for, during the next 6 days before surgery on June 29.  Our final decision is for a double mastectomy and for no reconstruction at this time.

Please pray for :

~lymph nodes:  that the surgeon will be able to clearly identify the “sentinel” nodes and take only a minimum number of nodes, resulting in NO complications, [like lymphedema];  that the lymph nodes are free of cancer cells.

~surgery in general:  that there would be no complications [blood clots come to mind] during and after surgery, protection from harm; wisdom, skill,  discernment, judgement, stamina for the medical team.

~recuperation:  that, in a reasonable amount of time, I would heal properly and completely, with no complications.

~further treatment:  that there will be no future recurrence, that I will not require radiation or chemo, that the cancer cells will be completely contained within the breast.

~psychological/emotional:  that I would grieve honestly but with courage and dignity; that I would bear the reality of this loss without becoming completely unglued.

AND please pray that I would offer myself in in glad obedience to the Triune God, whom I am to love with my WHOLE heart, soul, mind, and body.  From the hymn, “When I Survey the Wondrous Cross:”  “Love so amazing, so divine, demands my soul, my life, my all.”

Benedictus es, Domine.

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  1. Our dear friend and gracious lady, Margo Payne–you are truly amazing and loved by many!

    Today’s devotional is from Matthew 14: 20-30 talking about Peter stepping out of the boat.

    It further says: when our FATHER calls us to come across the water, we are to step out with confidence and joy, never glancing away from HIM for even a moment. We will not prevail by measuring the waves or gnow strong by gauging the wind. Attempting to survey the danger may actually cause us to fail before it. Pausing at the difficulties will result in the waves breaking over our head. “Lift up our eyes to the hills.” Psalm 121:1 and go forward. Do not fear to launch away–
    Faith lets go for us to swim, never will HE let us go! It is by trusting we shall know, fellowship with HIM forever!

    Your courage is to be embraced and I tightly wrap myself up in your courageous thoughts, you so explicitly and eloquently share in written expression. You are our strength when we are weak! You are amazing Margo Payne and definitely our FATHER smiles over you and shall keep you from harm and heal you with delight!

    love and hugs,

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