The Spirit of Solidarity


Featured above is the image of my dear friend, David Brewer, who agreed to shave his head in solidarity with me, during my chemotherapy.  Stephen & I have known David and his wife, Sharon, ever since the four of us were undergraduates at FSU, almost 40 years ago! I was not surprised that David readily agreed to shave his head because he & Sharon are well-acquainted with suffering.  For details, see his blog, David is a Christian family counselor and Sharon is the director of a network of women’s crisis pregnancies centers in West Palm Beach, FL.  They have three adult children.


Featured above is the image of Bob & Julie Watts and their two sons, T. J. [left] and Justin [right], who live in Tampa, FL.  Stephen & I have known Bob for almost 30 years; Bob was Stephen’s student in the Computer Information Systems Department at FAMU.  We had the privilege of attending the wedding of Bob & Julie in Tampa, FL, where Stephen served as Bob’s best man.  [I still remember how beautiful the Sacrament of Marriage was!] Bob eagerly agreed to shave his head in solidarity with me, although he admitted that this was not the extreme sacrifice that some would imagine it to be.  What amazed me, however, was that Bob’s entire family got into the “Spirit of Solidarity!” See image below.  Wow!  Such a sacrifice for them.  What an honor for me to have them “in my corner!”


Being bald, as a woman, adds insult to injury, when you are going through chemo therapy.  I think I miss my hair even more than I miss my [ahem] chest.  If you want to join Margo’s Team in The Spirit of Solidarity, it is very simple:  Agree to shave your head until mid-January 2010, when my final chemotherapy will be completed.  Send me a photo of your little bald head plus your permission to include your image and your name, in my blog.  Send email message and attachment of photo to my email address:

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