The Bitter and the Sweet

Dear Faithful Family & Friends,

A positive health update:  I am tolerating [with no side effects] the Herceptin infusions, which will continue once every three weeks, until October 1.  A series of diagnostic tests indicate that my heart is very strong, in spite of the cardio-toxic properties of Herceptin. I am also tolerating the Tamoxifen, with no serious side effects, except some visual blurring.

Stephen & I swim laps — one mile — every other day.  I am very proud of Stephen, who has gone from a non-swimmer [July 2009] to a skilled free-style swimmer [July 2010.] Gaining a swimming buddy, who also happens to my husband, is the first of six gains, in 2009-2010, compared to my loss [diagnosis, surgery, chemo].

The second gain was the birth of Benjamin, now almost 18 months old.  Summer 2009 provided the third gain: the joy of wishing Garrett “Bon Voyage,” as he fulfilled a 10-year desire to travel to Europe. My sister and her husband [Susan & Alan] moved to NC from PA and this was the fourth gain. The fifth gain: Daniel, Haley, and Benjamin moved home to Tallahassee.

The sixth gain: The prayers of all you faithful friends & family!  I must thank you gain for your encouragement and support. Because of all of you,  I survived the losses of the past year. However, I am beginning to realize that it is those very losses [the “bitter“] that offer to me a perspective to increasingly appreciate the gains [the “sweet“]!

In addition to swimming, I have my own Personal Trainer!  I highly recommend him:  Ever since we started meeting, I have lost weight and trimmed inches!  Here are photos of him, leading me through my intensive paces:

Nature Walks

Water Sprinkler Run & Jump

Playground Gym/Obstacle Course

Coram Deo,


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  1. Christy

    What great gains 🙂 And I bet your “personal trainer” really gives you a good workout!!

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