Summer Highlights

Dear Faithful Family & Friends,

The harbingers of fall:  the odontonema strictum [firespike/cardinal guard] is blooming, drawing lots of ruby-throated hummingbirds; time to plant lycoris [hurricane lilies]; the daylight hours are shortening; the morning sunlight enters the windows in a different angle; and the temperature and humidity are dropping slightly!

Here is a review of the highlights of the busy summer just past:

Marmee [Margot] and grandson, Benjamin, [18 months] — floating lessons:

The Annual Blair Clan Family Reunion in Beech Mountain, NC:

Uncle Garrett & Benjamin, on a nature hike:

My nephew, Nathan, and Benjamin at a wildlife sanctuary:

Daddah [Stephen] and Benjamin, on a hike on the Blue Ridge Parkway:

Daddah [Stephen] & Benjamin enjoy the coolness of a mountain brook:

Benjamin enjoys a breakfast smoothie, made by my niece, Rebecca:

Sweet dreams in the mountains:

Coram Deo,


P. S.  I am feeling extremely well, swimming at least one mile three times a week, coaching swimming, and I have only two more Herceptin infusions!  Thanks for continuing to read this blog and to pray for my continued health!


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2 responses to “Summer Highlights

  1. Julie Purvis

    It’s the first I’ve caught up with your blog in so long and I am extrmely delighted to see you doing so well, provided by God with a personal trainer who is so good looking and seems to be just the cancer treatment you really need!! Praise to the Lord on your behalf for His tender mercies which have flowed and flowed to you in answer to the prayers of so many.
    Love you, Julie

  2. margopayne

    Dear Julie,

    It was wonderful to receive your comment on my blog! Thank you for your encouraging words and your faithful prayers! And now, dear friend, I do hope you will email me and let me know how you are doing these days and how I may continue to pray for you!

    Coram Deo,

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