Dear Faithful Family & Friends,

Today  I saw my new oncologist, Dr. Broesker, for the first time.  He said that his office does not do tests [blood tests, scans] in order to look for cancer cells in a healthy, symptom-free person.  However, based upon my completed treatment therapies and my current excellent health, he says that I can call Dr. Crooms and schedule surgery to have the Infusa-Port removed.  After looking forward to this day for three months, I admit that I was a little uneasy about being declared “safe,” without any quantifiable data to establish such.  However, it is good news, indeed, is it not?

Next, I will schedule surgery with Dr. Crooms [in January] and, in June, I will meet Beverly Walker, the new Physician’s Assistant, at Dr. Broeseker’s office.  She will be responsible for my twice-a-year examinations.

This all seems rather anti-climactic, after all that we have been through together.  I’m weeping as I write this because of my gratitude to my dear family and friends, who have been through this long, 18-month journey with me.  Now I can finally say it:  With your prayers, encouragement, and support, I have finally reached the other side of the “pool!”

Life seems eerily “normal” now, during this Advent Season.  I have been able to enjoy the things I love doing:  Last Saturday, I helped a dear friend decorate her ancestral home.  Last Sunday night, Stephen & I attended “Lessons & Carols” at St. Peter’s Anglican [so lovely!]. Tomorrow night, Haley & I will attend the Annual Messiah Singalong.  This weekend, we will host out of town guests &  a supper party, and attend the Nutcracker Ballet in Thomasville, GA, to see Haley’s students perform.

I’ve got a head full of hair [no eyebrows, however!] but I’m still going to wear my funky hand-knit/crocheted hats this winter because, yes, it does get cold here in North Florida!

Coram Deo,



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4 responses to “Arrived!

  1. Debbie Trostle


    this is wonderful news. This is like a Christmas present from God. It was at this point where I said I was no longer a victim of cancer. It was time to move on with life. Due to the mind games it was easier said than done. But, I was no longer a victim!

    • Dear Debbie,

      Thanks for continuing to read & comment on my blog entry. It is true that, ever since i finished chemo, I have not felt defined by breast cancer. Now, I am ready to move on. I am filled with gratitude about this good news. Thanks for sharing in this happy day!

      Coram Deo,

  2. Margie Gibbons

    Dearest Margot,
    What an absolute delight to start the day by reading my Advent scripture, followed by this lovely entry written on your blog!
    GOD is so glorious and faithful, HIS life journey for each of us is so rich when we allow HIM to be in control. Thank you for sharing your life with others! You are truly a cherished LIFEGIVER!
    Merry CHRISTmas 2010 dear friend!
    love always,
    Margie Gibbons

    • margopayne

      My dearest Margie,

      What a boost you gave me today, by reading and commenting on my blog! It was just the inspiration I needed, to begin my next entry, which I’ve been pondering about for some time! We were not at SPAC last weekend; so sorry to have missed the Advent Worship, due to bad head colds for each of us! Merry Christmas to you and your dear family! Looking forward to seeing you in the new year, if not before, my dear friend!

      Coram Deo,

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