We Interrupt This Blog . . . .

. . . . . to bring you an important Public Service Announcement . . . . please pass this on to anyone you know who might be interested:

There are four to six openings for qualifying subjects to participate in the six-month FSU Research Study in which I am currently participating: “The effect of dried plum consumption, calcium plus D vitamin supplements, and strength training on the bone density of post-menopausal breast cancer survivors.”

Requirements: post-menopausal breast cancer survivors who have completed chemotherapy.


-free FSU parking spot

-two hours per week of free, instructed and supervised strength training, using weight machines, on FSU campus

-free Dexa-Scan bone density evaluation

-free lymphodema evaluation

-free dried plums and calcium plus Vitamin D supplements [if you are randomly-selected into those groups]

-comraderie with other breast cancer survivors

-add to the knowledge base re: natural remedies to increase bone density for yourself and other benefit breast cancer survivors!

Interested?  Please call, ASAP:

Emily Simonavice, Ph. D. Candidate and Research Director

Physiology Department, FSU


850.672.9369 [cell]




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