It’s Been a Quiet Month . . .

Dear Family & Friends,

I apologize for being delinquent in updating my blog!  I assure you that all is well but during December & January, I had two episodes of a bad head cold.  However, soon I will add Christmas photos and updates on our family!

Stephen & I  continue to swim three times per week.  I’ve joined the “100 Mile Club” at the FSU indoor pool and I submit a record of all my laps. I still swim 50 laps [of 50 meters] in 48 minutes. I also strength train two hours a week at FSU, through the research study.  The research director regularly increases the amount of weights on each machine and the workouts are increasingly challenging. I barely recognize my own arms and legs these days, so I know the results are achieving the desired effect, now that I have devoted three months to the study.

I have a date for surgery, to remove the Infusa-Port:  March 9, 2011.

Good news! Daniel, our son in law, has a new job, as a software tester, at Marquis Software, a family-run business. Stephen is a consultant there and Garrett is a software developer.

Daniel and Haley have two blogs and they regularly include photos of our grandson, Benjamin, who will turn two on 02.08.11:

Coram Deo,


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  1. Sallie Powell

    I was just thinking of you this morning and was so glad to see you had posted an entry in your blog. Glad to hear about the swimming. What an inspiration you are to so many! Sounds like you are feeling well and increasing your body strength. I hope this year will bring all sorts of blessings to encourage you. You certainly have been that to us.

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